Nanotechnology For Students

Resources for Students

Pre-University Students

If you are a student interested in the field of nanotechnology, there are many resources on this site that will help you learn more about it.  They include basic information about nanotechnology, and links to many online resources including fun and informative nanotechnology games.

Start your journey by learning about different nanomaterials and the many applications of nanotechnology.  We have also included profiles of professionals working in the field, to give you a feel for what it might be like to pursue a career related to nanotechnology.  There are descriptions highlighting companies and universities that use nanotechnology to address a range of science-related and engineering challenges.

If you are interested in studying in a nano-related field at the university level, there are many countries with universities offering programs that include coursework focused on nanotechnology-related topics.

University Students

If you are a university student and are are either already studying nanotechnology or are interested in finding out more about the field, we can help.

We offer descriptions of nanomaterials, and a wide range of applications.  We provide profiles of professionals working in the field, as well as organizational overviews of companies and universities that are using nanotechnology to address science and engineering problems they are investigating. There are many other resources as well as lists of universities offering nanotechnology-related programs.

When the terms “nanoscience” and “nanotechnology” first appeared, there was a tendency to treat them as a separate scientific discipline or as a new industry. Most practitioners nowadays tend to view nanoscience and nanotechnology as interrelated with other disciplines.

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