Aplicações de nanotecnologia

Aplicações de nanotecnologia

Materials that exhibit different physical properties as a result of their nanoscale constitution are being used in existing or entirely new technologies and products. In many cases, the application of these materials are still in various stages of research and development, but some are already available commercially.

For example, clothing manufacturers have used fabrics containing nanoparticles to create stain resistant garments. Automobile manufacturers have incorporated various nanostructured materials into body parts to make them stronger. Colored light filters and colored lamps have been created by altering the optical properties of colloidal suspensions using nanoparticles of different sizes and shapes. Carbon nanotubes have been incorporated into sporting goods (such as bicycle frames and tennis rackets) to enhance strength and reduce weight.

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Biomedical Applications

Biomedical Applications Nanotechnology is expected to have a significant impact on improving the quality of health care through early and reliable diagnostics of diseases, improved pharmaceuticals, targeted drug delivery, improved implant materials, and other applications. Biosensors are being developed for early detection of several life threatening illnesses. Using a combination of nanomaterials, novel device fabrication techniques…

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Consumer Goods Applications

Consumer Goods Applications The products of nanotechnology continue to emerge from the science laboratory and move into the marketplace. Many solutions to engineering challenges have included the use of nanotechnology principles and these are used today in the design and manufacture of many commercial devices and systems. Areas affected by nanotechnology include medicine, environmental engineering, food production…

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