Nano-Tex, Inc.

Nano-Tex, Inc.

Nano-Tex is an advanced fabric company, employing nanotechnology to transform fabrics at the molecular level.  Nano-Tex imparts enhanced performance features for fabrics used in consumer apparel, home textiles and commercial interiors. Through nanotechnology, Nano-Tex is able to transform fabrics at the molecular level, so that the fabric has beneficial performance features.  Unlike traditional coatings, Nano-Tex enhancements are durably bound and become one with the fibers of the fabric, such that the natural comfort, feel and breathability of the fabric are maintained.


  – Nano-Tex, Inc.


Q: In which Countries does your organization have a presence?

Nano-Tex, Inc. has a presence in the United States, Australia, and in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Q: How large is your organization?  

Nano-Tex currently has over forty employees.  

Q: Explain the role of nanotechnology in the development of your organization or department.

Nano-Tex scientists are working with molecular structures ranging in the sizes of 1-100 nm, to create an ordered assembly that imparts novel properties for fabrics.  

Q: What key markets do you serve?   

Nano-Tex serves several markets, including consumer apparel, home textiles, and commercial interiors.   

Q: How has nanotechnology impacted the products or services you provide?

Nano-Tex enhancements provide benefits to consumers and commercial interiors. With clothing made of Nano-Tex enhanced fabrics, consumers can more easily transition through their day feeling confident, looking great and staying more comfortable.  Commercial interiors stay clean and new looking longer with Nano-Tex enhancements.    

Q: Has your organization made any significant contributions to nanotechnology? 

Nano-Tex has brought nanotechnology to the vast textiles industry and has become a commonly referenced example of actual nanotechnology based products readily available to consumers today.

This illustration compares the relative size of Nano-Tex whiskers created on the surface of the fabric vs. other objects. Image Credit: Nano-Tex, Inc.

Q: Briefly describe a current project involving nanotechnology, and what your anticipated outcome will be (new process, new product, etc.)   

One recent development is our Neutralizer technology which captures body odor, and keeps the wearer smelling fresh and clean.  Our scientists have designed nano-scale capsules that clutch human body odor molecules and release them in the wash.  This technology has great potential in the activewear, business casual, uniforms and bedding industries.    

Q: Where do you see nanotechnology applications leading in the future? 

Nano-Tex will continue to improve the everyday lives of consumers through advanced fabrics that provide improved comfort, appearance and durability.      

Q: What advice would you offer to someone who wanted to work at your organization in 3-5 years?

Be sure to consider real-life issues that consumers are faced with in their everyday lives to develop innovations that have practical benefits to users.

Q:  What industry do you think has been impacted the most by nanotechnology thus far? Why?   

Among the various industries that Nano-Tex is serving, Apparel has been most impacted by our innovations thus far. Consumers immediately understand the benefits that clothing with our enhancements brings to their lives. Our approach is unlike traditional fabric treatments in that the fabrics’ natural comfort, feel and breathability are maintained.

Q:  What industry do you think has the greatest future potential to be impacted by nanotechnology?  Why?  

In the long term, the greatest promise for nanotechnology is in the medical industry where the study has the possibility of defeating disease and saving lives.

Liquid spills bead up and roll off Nano-Tex 100% cotton fabric. Credit: Nano-Tex., Inc

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