Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Founded in 1966, KIST is a premier multi-disciplinary research institute in Korea. The organization’s goals are to research, develop, and transfer creative, original technologies that are necessary to advance Korea’s science and technology base. Specifically, they focus on fusion technologies that will power Korea’s economic growth, especially in the areas of the environment, energy, health, security, and materials. KIST currently maintains a variety of science and technology cooperation agreements with over 80 institutes around the world.. This extensive network allows KIST to actively pursue joint international research projects, host international joint conferences, exchange researchers, and launch other related programs.

The  KIST Institute for Multidisciplinary Convergence of Materials Research Division aims to be a research hub for developing innovative materials by combining much experience accumulated in the development of new materials and subsequent commercialization with various disciplines with high specialty in the KIST in order to solve national agendas as well as to bring up new big industries for the future. The Center for Materials Architecturing at KIST adopts the convergent approaches to architecture multidisciplinary and multiscale materials and aims to create new properties and functions.

Research projects include 1) designing, fabricating, and characterizing nanometer-scale building blocks, 2) controlling and manipulating the building blocks to make novel materials and structures, and 3) applying these materials and structures to photo-responsive devices, nanohybrid electronic/electric devices, and novel catalysts and membrane materials.


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(Content source: KIST website and press releases.)

The opening ceremony for the KIST Global Lounge was held on December 20, 2011. Image Source: KIST

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