Profiles and Spotlights

探索纳米技术的一个好方法是了解那些对该领域产生影响的人。 已经建立了多位专业人士的档案,他们来自多个行业。下面介绍的每一位个人都深入阐述了他们为何选择将职业生涯重点放在纳米技术应用或研究上。

Organizational Spotlight

Nanotech Industry Around the world, many companies, universities, and government organizations have embraced the advantages of working at the nano-level to develop resources, materials, and products that help solve global challenges. puts the spotlight on a few of these groups to illustrate the impact of nanotechnology on several industry segments.

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Profiles in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Professionals A great way to explore more about nanotechnology is to learn about individuals who are making an impact on the field. has developed profiles of several professionals, working across many industries. Each individual profiled below offers insight into why they chose to focus their career on nanotechnology applications or research.

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