NanoFilm Technologies International (NTI)


NanoFilm Technologies International develops and commercializes nanotechnology-enabled products using nanofilms and is a provider of nanotechnology solutions in Asia. Its solutions serve as key catalysts enabling customers to achieve high value-add advancements in their end-products in an environmentally sustainable manner. The company operates in four segments: advanced materials, Nanofabrication, Sydrogen, and Industrial equipment. The majority of its revenue comes from the advanced materials segment which provides advanced materials through surface solution services based on its vacuum coating technologies and processes. Geographically, the company generates revenue from Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and China being the majority revenue generator.


  – NanoFilm

The quantity of ultrathin coatings in these tiny ampoules will protect dozens of precision optic lenses from scratches, abrasion and contaminants. A teacup full of the active material would be enough to coat every window of the Empire State Building. Credit: Nanofilm

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