New Developments in Nanotechnology has links to the latest advancements in nanotechnology as they are presented by the experts dong the work.

Emerging Areas on the Cutting Edge

Ever wonder what current research engineers and scientists are doing to make advances in nanotechnology? What are the new developments at the cutting edge? Even though nanotechnology-based products are already found in the marketplace, research and development continue. Scientists and engineers are constantly trying to improve our world by expanding our understanding of the nanoworld while at the same time creating new materials and devices along with manufacturing methods to make them.

Examples of these efforts can be found by attending special science and engineering conferences where researchers describe their work. However, some researchers also present their work to interested organizations that invite them to give special seminars that highlight the advances that are occurring in nanotechnology. In particular, the Distinguished Lecturers of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council have a rich history of speaking to various groups interested in learning more about specific areas of nanotechnology that might be in our future.

We’ll be adding information related to presentations made by Distinguished Lecturers here in the future so be ready to experience the cutting edge of nanotechnology when you come back to visit!

3d Illustration structure of the graphene or carbon surface. Image credit: Rost-9/

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